Let me be…

the invisible hand on your shoulder supporting and accompanying you along your journey, and the soft gust of wind behind your back helping you to new levels and new chapters with more clarity, inner peace, and balance.

Let me be…

the invisible hand on your shoulder supporting and accompanying you along your journey, and the soft gust of wind behind your back helping you to new levels and new chapters with more clarity, inner peace, and balance.

Get started with a Laser-Focused Coaching Session:

… for the here and now

Book an Empowerment Coaching and/or Business Strategizing Session to gain more clarity, relief, and a sense of calm (or even excitement). Leave the session feeling renewed, with a better sense of direction.

We’ll look at all aspects of your being: Emotional, Mental, Spiritual, and Physical
In this solution-focused session, we’ll examine and discuss your priorities, the things you want to action. You’ll feel heard, listened to, and given a lot of feedback, and support to consider, all the while being held in a confidential, supportive space.

You want to:

  • be aligned with who you truly are, confident in making the choices you need to make
  • gain clarity and feel confident making quicker and clearer decisions relating to your life and/or business with more life enjoyment
  • create and/or have the life you love
  • navigate life transitions with more fluidity and peace
  • new job stress, going back to school, living circumstance changes, moving countries/cities, deciding to become an entrepreneur, break-ups/divorce, preparing for marriage, empty nester syndrome, recent retirement, sandwich generation, and more.

The answers are inside of you. I’m here to help you excavate those truths, and liberate limited belief systems keeping you stuck.

What’s my approach for Coaching and Strategizing sessions?
  • Psychotherapy-based techniques: solution-focused model, cognitive behavioural
    therapy, positive psychology, and others
  • Psycho-somatic tools and techniques
  • Empathetic listening with a discerning ear, allowing for time efficiency in session
  • Coaching skills & interventions, and strategies to diagnose emotional roadblocks
  • Other healing modalities and techniques

What I do:

  • get to the core of what is stopping you from moving forward
  • help you gain clarity around making decisions
  • increase emotional self-regulation and self-confidence skills
  • burst false narratives (stories) you might be telling yourself
  • help you build a stronger relationship with yourself, re-enforcing your own inner
  • respect all the circumstances and variables
  • hold your goals and desires safe and paramount
Let me help you identify the emotional roadblocks, and strategies to fully liberate your Empowered Self
Offering an Introductory Launch Rate (for a limited time)

Empowerment Coaching and/or Business Strategizing Sessions
Cost: $175 USD (promo rate)
Session length: 90 minutes
Where: All sessions are online! (Zoom or Skype)

All pricing and terms subject to change

your journey starts here

Get   “Unstuck”

Trauma to transformation package
The personalised package

Working together long-term can mean the difference between, metaphorically healing a
scrape on your leg that needs disinfectant and a band-aid, verses proactively choosing
to have virtual open heart surgery, to see and know, what is and isn’t flowing well for

By “doing the work” we create the space needed for sustainable and long-lasting
change that catapults you into the transformational path you’ve been dreaming about.
Step into courage, just for you. Let’s start here. It’s filled with possibilities.

Are you curious to know what those possibilities could be?

Are you ready to find out?

Book a Compatibility call here.

Talking about Trauma is important.
But talking about it endlessly, in order to heal from it, doesn’t have to be
Consider Gentle Trauma Release Therapy your next stop.

trauma to transformation package

While studying at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy 10 years ago, I learned about the importance and significance of psycho-somatic symptoms when working with clients (physical symptoms as a result of emotional distress). Since then, I have come to understand the many benefits of somatic healing and the modalities that have arisen because of it.

In fact, there are many people who live with traumatic symptoms and don’t even know it.

As such it’s been a challenge for the medical community to fully support traumatized patients in ‘de-escalating’ ‘unfreezing’ and/or ‘releasing’ the after-effects that trauma can cause.

Thus, I am proud to offer the: Gentle Trauma Release Method.

I have witnessed and experienced, first hand, the positive effects that this impressive modality can provide.
Unaware that I had lingering PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) symptoms from an event that occurred years ago, I was surprised to feel and observe my body’s reactions throughout my Gentle Trauma Release session.  By the end of the session, I could talk about the event that happened years ago without the physical reactions and intense emotions I typically experienced the rare times I would tell that story. This intense memory and event were finally neutralized.