Reiki  “Distant”  Healing

“A ‘healer’ is not someone you go to for healing. A ‘healer’ is someone that triggers in you your own ability
to heal yourself.”

– Amy Purdy, Paralympic Bronze Medallist

I am delighted to be part of the Reiki Master-Teacher community!

I completed all three levels of the Usui Reiki Ryōhō lineage system in Paris, France. Although there are many different versions of Reiki being taught today, Usui Reiki Ryōhō is taught from the Japanese perspective, as close to the origins of the system as possible.

I offer Reiki “at a distance” which yields the same results as in-person sessions.

“At a distance” is in quotations because we are all interconnected. So whether I’m facilitating Reiki healing at a distance or in-person, when channelling ‘Universal Energy’ the energy is directed to where you need it most.

Clients have reported feeling relief from pain and discomfort, reduced stress, depression and anxiety symptoms, muscle relaxation and so forth. Most importantly, Reiki helps facilitate your own healing allowing your body to rejuvenate.



“Over the years, Allison has deployed many skills from her impressive arsenal to help me through various emotional and physical blocks. Our lively, funny, intense sessions always left me with greater clarity about life choices. However, it is in the quiet of another practice that she has helped me most recently.

Indeed, for a couple of weeks, Allison remotely worked on my chronic physical pain, stress-induced as well as caused by old injuries. The daily sessions resulted in a calming sense of well-being, and the ongoing treatment in increasingly diminishing pain. Thanks to her sustained Reiki intervention, I was able to fully enjoy a trip abroad, without being impeded by knee, back and neck pain during physical activities. I could not quite believe it.

Allison is an insightful, passionately committed, exceptionally trained practitioner, and I could not recommend her more highly.”

Alexandra Courtois,
College Professor, USA

“I first met Allison Lund in 2009 as a massage therapist. At that time I already recognized her as a gentle healer. When I found out she was a Reiki Master I was curious to try it. I looked into it and discovered that it is used in hospitals and care homes all over the world. Having been in pain for quite some time I knew I had nothing to lose. After my first treatment I felt immediate relief. In fact with our time zone difference I remember feeling the relief in the middle of the night and remembering in the morning that it would have been the exact time that Allison was working on me. I was pleasantly surprised and delighted that I was able to reap the benefits and so quickly. Since then I have had a few more sessions and the effects have lasted weeks. On my recent vacation I was so pleased to be pain free and able to do all the activities I honestly thought I would have to give up such as hiking and pickle-ball.

I recommend Allison as a Reiki Master to anyone suffering with any kind of pain. I trust her implicitly and I know that you too will not be disappointed.”

Mary Wilkerson
MCP, RCC, British Columbia, Canada
Treatment Information:
Reiki “at a distance” Relief Session

Cost: $25 USD

This includes:
Email or Phone communication before and after your session
Your 15-minute healing Reiki ‘at a distance’ treatment
Personalized pre-and-post session care information

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From there, I’ll walk you through the entire process from start to finish.

Ready to experience Reiki “at a distance”?

“I am proud to have certified Allison as a REIKI MASTER TEACHER, and am so pleased to now explain why… In the context of her REIKI training; from the beginning, it was clear to me that REIKI gave her natural energetic capacities a system in which to be fully accepted, cultivated and shared. Leading with her heart and intuition accurately defines how Allison works. As a student she was assiduous, determined, open and quick to pick up subtleties. The mix of heart and mind is a great advantage in a REIKI practitioner, and all the more so in a REIKI teacher. As Yoda would say, “The Force is strong with this one!” I am delighted that Allison is bringing her whole self – heart and mind, body and soul – to share the Great Bright Light that is REIKI (and that we are, at our essential nature) into the world. Shine, Allison; SHINE!!” Love, light, laughter,

 Kathryn Hudson,

International Reiki Master Teacher

Are you Ready for this Energetic,
yet Relaxing treatment?

Here’s a little story about how I was inspired to learn,
share and provide ‘healing’ from a young age:

When I was a child, I witnessed this incredible friend of the family provide ‘healing-touch’ on my mom after a dinner party.
My curiosity was peaked!

When I finally did experience and receive ‘healing-touch’ from the same family-friend, I remember thinking how cool it was!

Soon, I started to learn about it as a teenager and offered ‘healing-touch’ (in person) to friends and family.

Once I graduated from massage school, I started to incorporate healing treatments at the end of client massage sessions to help them integrate the effects of their session with the added bonus of receiving some energy healing.

The number one comment I received upon completing their treatment was how relaxing it felt (and some fell asleep!)

After moving to Paris, France, I soon came across Kathryn Hudson’s Reiki courses. Learning about Reiki through her wonderful pedagogical skills gave me the appropriate level of learning to provide energy healing *at a distance*.

I am passionate about sharing the roots and benefits of Reiki.

Did you know that…
Many hospitals have welcomed Reiki practitioners in their surgery rooms since the 1990s as part of the patient’s personal healthcare plan? Reiki has been used in Veterinary offices?

I personally have been offering energy healing treatments on pets for about 15 years with peaceful results for you and your pet(s).

I am passionate about what I do and am honoured to share gifts through this modality.

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