I’d love to share a little about me.
I’m excited to share decades of education, experience and a treasure trove of skills to those who are ready to not only survive, but thrive.
Here’s the longer bio version:
Allison Lund

Something inside me shifted when I was around 10 years old, when a classmate asked to meet at the park. She told me that her parents were divorcing. The stigma of divorce was common talk among us kids at that time, layered in feelings of shame and embarrassment. I could feel her pain.

As I was young, I didn’t know what to say. After offering some space to talk and a big empathetic hug, I walked home feeling honoured and elated to be of service to her. I remember those feelings today, although my vocabulary would have been slightly different!

This moment in time set the stage for this career as a coach, mentor and healer. Allow me to share a little more about my journey.

When I started a mobile massage business back in 2009, my clients would quickly open up to me. Understanding the effects of psycho-somatic pain, I felt it was important to let my clients talk it out. Then, I would always have some supportive feedback to provide. Soon, this became the norm, and my regular clients anticipated their hybrid talk-therapy massages, ready with questions! At the time, I had no idea about the incredible benefit that bodywork combined with talk-therapy would provide for my clients.

Around the same time, I was also working at a ‘crisis-call’ centre. For three years, call after call, I listened to thousands of important and vital stories with varying subject matters and intensity levels.

I’ve expanded my education, training (never ending!), and experience working with women and men who are ready for real, sustainable change.

These experiences, along with decades of other work experience and education has been an invaluable contribution to my coaching practice, where I offer a broad perspective, a compassionate heart, and an understanding ear… someone that you can trust.  

In an e-book I’ll publish in the future, I share this line with the reader: “The people you hold close, near and dear in your life, are the people you’ve chosen to sit at your table.” The same idea can be applied when thinking about the team of professionals and friends you choose to support you in your journey. If and when you are ready or need it, perhaps you’d welcome me to your table to be part of your council.

Sending you feelings of lightness and courage until we do,


I’m looking forward to supporting your healing, growth, and vision for more of the life you want.

media release 

Allison spends most of her time working with women around the globe offering Trauma-Informed Empowerment Coaching and Reiki Healing sessions. She also continues to freelance as a writer and companion editor while actively participating as a self-proclaimed life-long learner.

Prior to becoming a Mental Health practitioner and coach, she was on the front-lines of a crisis-call-like centre, de-escalating and supporting distressed individuals. As a side business, she also provided talk-therapy-massage sessions to her clients to help them with psychosomatic issues.

Allison has lived internationally and loves to travel!

She is a tireless supporter and cheerleader of people’s lives, supporting her clients in their journey towards greater levels self-empowerment.

Fun fact about Allison: about 16 years ago, she decided to start celebrating her birthdays with a trip or adventure each year to honour her mother and now father so that they can see the world through her eyes. These adventures have ranged from 10-day silent retreats
to walking 120 km of the Camino in 3.5 days in Spain.

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Allison Lund is a Certified Empowerment Coach, Somatic Release Practitioner and a Reiki Master-Teacher.
She is also accredited with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

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