Parts + Somatic Work Practitioner

Together, let’s embark on a journey of self-discovery to identify patterns and emotional states that might be hindering your wellbeing.

Our collaborative effort aims to unveil these challenges and work towards cultivating positive paths that lead to more clarity, confidence, compassion and calmness.

I am committed to supporting you every step of the way on this transformative and empowering journey.

Certified Empowerment
Parts + Somatic Work Practitioner

Together, let’s identify detrimental behaviours and mental states hindering growth,
then nurture pathways contributing to your highest good.

Finding support through challenging times is vital and I would be honoured to be part of your team.

Let me accompany you through ups and downs, guide you toward peaceful decision processes, and lead you to feel in control of your life.

“You need to feel to heal.”

– Eckhart Tolle

nice to meet you!

I’m Allison.

Your Empowerment

Curveballs, ordeals, despair – the human adventure spares no one.

Wishes, aspirations, dreams – how do we concretize them?

If you are willing and ready, I can guide you in realigning your behavioral patterns with the life you envision for yourself.

Benefit from my experience where I help you navigate your emotions by learning and using them to feel better from your worries, confusion, anxiousness, fear …

Allow yourself to invest in a more grounded and peaceful future!


Your Empowerment Journey

Learning how to empower yourself is foundational to navigating life.
Let me help you connect to core emotional blocks, discover your inner truth and walk a lighter and more vibrant life.

Empowerment Coaching

Let’s get started with
where you are at,
at the pace
you want!

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Let’s discuss more about how I can help you, in different yet supportive way.

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Navigating Positivity Bypassing with IFS Insights

Navigating Positivity Bypassing with IFS Insights   In today’s world, where positivity and optimism dominate the narrative, a nuanced phenomenon emerges known as ‘positivity bypassing.’ This behaviour, gaining recognition, underscores the complexities and limitations of relying solely on cheerful attitudes as universal solutions. While nurturing positivity is valuable, disregarding or suppressing authentic negative

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A Quick Glance at a couple of Testimonials

“I am so grateful for Allison and her professional commitment to me. She has helped me enormously to face the anger and fear I endured in my relationship for years. So, I decided to commit to regular and consistent sessions, which was the most rewarding process! The approaches used were so helpful in resolving my inner conflicts after a really intense year of sabotaging my life with fear, hurt, anger, and disappointment. The advice and space she holds for me are the greatest I could have asked for. Her mastery of my old patterned behaviour guided me to become more empowered, understand my emotions, feel them on a deeper level so I could reclaim my inner peace from muddy thoughts. I could not recommend Allison highly enough. I will continue working with her as I am learning my worth again. It feels liberating, and I am back again in control. Thank you so much, Allison.”

Olivia B
Project Manager, U.K.
“From our first coaching call on, I knew Allison was the right coach for me. She covered all the different aspects of my life – from my deep emotions to my career goals. Allison picked up on my emotions, my stories and my needs fast and to the point! Not only is she very empathic, she has the emotional intelligence to understand me which is rare to find these days!… [Six months later]…. I’m so glad I took the initiative to contact you because boy, do we ever cover a lot! Secondly, you just nailed everything I had been unconsciously mulling over. Just going back in my journal from six months ago, I see how much I have transformed! Thank you so much for the AMAZING clarity, the empowerment, your ‘sharp as a tack’; coaching skills and savvy business ideas that are so in alignment with who I am. YOU ARE THE BEST!!”
Jessie Chiang
Founder of Soul Clean Company, Coach and Mom, California, USA
“Allison’s job title should be called ‘Your Fairy God Mother’. A session with Allison and BAM you’re instantly empowered in your life again. God knows how she does it. But her coaching talents are like no other! It’s as if she’s known you … and your ‘issue at hand’ all your life… and/or their life too. It’s as if she time travels through the subjects in question and intrinsically throws you an overall unbiased perspective of how things really are… from ALL perspectives and then lightbulbs beam!!! Somehow blocks are moved, and your mind is back in control… and suddenly all the unaligned or missing jigsaw pieces of your life..line up. Seriously … I think she must have a wand! I can hear the twinkles. If it wasn’t for Allison, I’d have no father to walk me down the aisle … and I’d be doing that walk naked too;) In one of the most intensely emotional times of my life …aka 3 months to the wedding… Allison helped me off the emotional rollercoaster and into wedding bliss! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for empowering me and showing me the wisdom too. You’re an angel”

Award-winning, international editorial photographer, UK

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