Your Certified Empowerment Coach Business Strategist
specializing in Gentle Trauma Release
Reiki “at a distance” Healing

Together, let’s uncover, unearth and unveil all that no longer serves you and together,
let’s liberate and create all that will support you for your highest good.

Your Certified Empowerment Coach
Business Strategist specializing in Gentle Trauma Release and
Reiki “at a distance” Healing

Together, let’s uncover, unearth and unveil all that no longer serves you and together, let’s liberate and create all that will support you for your highest good.

Having a team to help us through those difficult and challenging times in our lives is vital and I would be honoured to be part of your team.

“Becoming an Expert on you is an empowering act of self-love”
Terri Cole (Psychotherapist, NY)

Learn and become an empowered expert in your own life, better able to navigate the ups and downs,
making better choices and decisions with more peace, balance and… Empowerment.

“You need to feel to heal.”

– Eckhart Tolle

nice to meet you!

I’m Allison.

Your Empowerment Guide to Life

From dark nights of the soul to finding joy, peace and love, and all the messy in-between, we’ve all had those marked moments that changed something within us, for the better or even for the worse. My entire life has not been an exception.

I know what it’s like to desire the life you want and yet, situations, circumstances, or even roadblocks interfere, testing your ability to handle the curveballs and ride the waves.

For as long as I can remember, I have been someone who could help those who were ready to hear what they may or may not yet be able to see.

Allison Lund

Learning how to steady my inner ship, honouring and trusting my inner wisdom has been key not only for myself, but also in helping others,
whether clients, friends, family and even strangers. Let me be a lighthouse of guidance for you in the midst of the worries, confusion, unhappiness, stuckness and fear because your stories matter. I’ve weathered a lot of life and if you are having trouble navigating yours, I’m here to help!

Join me here in smoother and calmer waters.

Sending you feelings of lightness and courage until we do,


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I firmly believe that learning how to empower yourself is one of the strongest means of navigating life, on all levels.
Let me help you connect to core emotional blocks, discover your inner truth and walk a lighter and more vibrant life.

Empowerment Coaching and/or Business Strategizing

Let’s get started with where you at, at the pace you want!

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Empowerment Coaching, Gentle Trauma Release, Reiki “distant” Healing. Let’s design the right package together!

reiki "distant" healing

As a Reiki Master I am honoured to facilitate your healing,
no matter where you are in the world

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podcast + blog
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I’ve got a new take on the metaphoric Peanut Butter
and Jam [PB&J] Sandwich.

Here’s the plan!
…One Podcast, One Blog, and One Jamming session
on video a month!

I will bring you solid content every month and you choose
which medium that works for you! I’ve gotcha covered!

So, about this rush back to normal…

“In the rush to return to normal, use this time to work which parts of normal are worth rushing back to,” said Dave Hollis. Mar 29, 2020 For our intents and purposes, here are my big questions for you to consider. How did you normally use, give away, or spend (consciously or unconsciously) your time, space, and energy?

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A Quick Glance at a couple of Testimonials

“From our first coaching call on, I knew Allison was the right coach for me. She covered all the different aspects of my life – from my deep emotions to my career goals. Allison picked up on my emotions, my stories and my needs fast and to the point! Not only is she very empathic, she has the emotional intelligence to understand me which is rare to find these days!… [Six months later]…. I’m so glad I took the initiative to contact you because boy, do we ever cover a lot! Secondly, you just nailed everything I had been unconsciously mulling over. Just going back in my journal from six months ago, I see how much I have transformed! Thank you so much for the AMAZING clarity, the empowerment, your ‘sharp as a tack’; coaching skills and savvy business ideas that are so in alignment with who I am. YOU ARE THE BEST!!”
Jessie Chiang

Founder of Soul Clean Company, Coach and Mom,
California, USA

“Allison’s job title should be called ‘Your Fairy God Mother’. A session with Allison and BAM you’re instantly empowered in your life again. God knows how she does it. But her coaching talents are like no other! It’s as if she’s known you … and your ‘issue at hand’ all your life… and/or their life too. It’s as if she time travels through the subjects in question and intrinsically throws you an overall unbiased perspective of how things really are… from ALL perspectives and then lightbulbs beam!!! Somehow blocks are moved, and your mind is back in control… and suddenly all the unaligned or missing jigsaw pieces of your life..line up. Seriously … I think she must have a wand! I can hear the twinkles. If it wasn’t for Allison, I’d have no father to walk me down the aisle … and I’d be doing that walk naked too;) In one of the most intensely emotional times of my life …aka 3 months to the wedding… Allison helped me off the emotional rollercoaster and into wedding bliss! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for empowering me and showing me the wisdom too. You’re an angel”


Award-winning, International Editorial Photographer, UK

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