I am in awe 

of the progress and transformation
I’ve been privileged to witness.

Life is busy and hectic, so I’d like to thank my clients for taking the time to write these heart-felt notes and messages.
They took my breath away and I’m very thankful I can walk along side them in their journey.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


I am in awe 

of the progress and transformation
I’ve been privileged to witness.

Life is busy and hectic, so I’d like to thank my clients for taking the time to write these heart-felt notes and messages. They took my breath away and I’m very thankful I can walk along side them in their journey. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Entrepreneur UK
“I am incredibly grateful for the support and guidance I received from Allison during the most challenging times of my life. Losing both of my parents and my son was an unimaginable ordeal and it left me feeling lost and broken. Allison provided me with tools, compassion and understanding that I needed to survive and heal. Her support was a lifeline when I needed it most. She helped me navigate the overwhelming emotions, grief and sadness. With her help. I began to find my way back to a place of stability and hope. Her expertise and caring nature were instrumental in my recovery. I am forever grateful for her presence in my life during such a difficult period. She not only helped me survive but also gave me the strength to move forward even though I still have a long journey ahead of me. I cannot express how thankful I am for her guidance and support. ”


new york city

“I have been working with Allison for around six months now. I am an assistant professor at an Ivy League university, and I have been navigating the tenure track, visa processes and a new healthcare system as a recent immigrant to the country, a Black woman in a deeply colonially-rooted institution, and a newly married imminent mother. Needles to say, this year has required some serious emotional tooling up! Allison has built my toolkit and it has even been painless. I don’t quite know how she has done it, but her unique blend of modalities and the way she implements them has served to bolster my personal reserves, empowering me to navigate all of the struggles of dealing with inherently oppressive institutions and highly problematic individuals more seamlessly and with more confidence than I ever have before. The physical toll my stressful career has had on my body has eased, and even my doctors are so happy. I am moving into the new year more self assured, happy, strong and ready (for leadership, motherhood, and all those bring) than I ever would have thought possible in such a short period of time. I know this is not magic, but it feels like it. I have done the work and trusted Allison, I have remained open and have had very frank conversations with her. She has proven that all of this works, 1000 times over! Thank you so much, Allison. Forever grateful. ”


Calgary, Canada
“I’ve been seeing Allison via Zoom for a while now and had to provide this review because I’m hoping someone with a similar issue may finally find some healing. Allison has helped me process a lot of hard life lessons through our many sessions. Her conversation approach has always made me feel safe and, most importantly, heard. Her attention to all the details I say or do became evident during one of our most recent sessions. I simply mentioned that I was having hip issues and had had them for over two years. I had been seeing massage therapists and physios and barely had any improvement. I could no longer sit cross-legged with my kids on the floor without pain, and there was constant aching when I would sit for long periods. Allison guided me through a specific Somatic exercise, and within a few sessions of using this technique, my hip pain dramatically improved. I can now sit cross-legged again!! I am still in disbelief and awe that working this through during a session with Allison changed something I had been struggling with for so long. This is only one of the many reasons why I will continue to see Allison. Thank you so much!”


Olivia B

Project Manager, U.K.
“I am so grateful for Allison and her professional commitment to me. She has helped me enormously to face the anger and fear I endured in my relationship for years. So, I decided to commit to regular and consistent sessions, which was the most rewarding process! The approaches used were so helpful in resolving my inner conflicts after a really intense year of sabotaging my life with fear, hurt, anger, and disappointment. The advice and space she holds for me are the greatest I could have asked for. Her mastery of my old patterned behaviour guided me to become more empowered, understand my emotions, feel them on a deeper level so I could reclaim my inner peace from muddy thoughts. I could not recommend Allison highly enough. I will continue working with her as I am learning my worth again. It feels liberating, and I am back again in control. Thank you so much, Allison.”

Happy client and raving fan

Cosmetology educator Texas, USA
“Allison came as a recommendation through a mutual friend of mine. I quickly decided to look at her website. I made the final decision and booked myself a discovery call through her website. Allison was there to listen to me and ease my worries on that very first zoom meeting. It felt right in proceeding with future sessions. I was even more relieved to know I didn’t have to be on camera during our zoom meetings. Fast forward to many other sessions later with Allison and all I can tell you is she was one of the BEST investments I have ever done for myself as an adult. She is so worth the coaching, therapy, guidance and feedback she gives. It’s not a one sided deal but rather that loving push and the tools and resources she introduces to better help yourself. I know for a fact I will continue to use her services in the future as well as recommend her to friends and family.”


Jessie Chiang

Founder of Soul Clean Company, Coach and Mom California, USA

“For many, many years, I’ve been the shoulder for people to cry on. I’ve been the counsellor, mentor and guide for a lot of people. At the same time, I’ve been through many major setbacks in life that it became almost impossible to do the work that I do to support others. As a mother, wife, daughter and friend, my roles often get blurred with my work as an entrepreneur and coach, thus I began to lose sight of what was my priority.

I’ve worked with a few mentors and coaches before but I had never fully felt supported… until I met Allison. From our first coaching call on, I knew Allison was the right coach for me. She covered all the different aspects of my life – from my deep emotions to my career goals. Allison picked up on my emotions, my stories and my needs fast and to the point! Not only is she very empathic, she has the emotional intelligence to understand me which is rare to find these days. I especially love her no-nonsense approach and she does it in a firm, most nurturing and non-judgmental way. Because I’ve worked alone all my life, to have Allison hold me accountable on my homework post our coaching calls, which is the best feeling of security I’ve ever had.

As a coach, Allison does her job above and beyond to help me empower myself. She gives me strength, hope, clarity and motivation to move forward with the things I want to do. All the homework Allison has put together has helped retrain me to be a more mindful and present person. The homework aka ‘practice’ has given me so much energy since! Most importantly, she acknowledges that all of our journeys are unique and different, and she respects all the circumstances and variables we come with as an individual. So, just as my goals are unique and important to me, I know without a doubt Allison holds my goals dear to her heart too. It shows in her work. That, in itself is priceless. 

Thank you Allison for your amazing coaching work, dedication and guidance that has proven so
effective in such a short amount of time. Any women would be blessed to be coached by you!”

6 months working together update:

“Hey Allison, just want to say THANK YOU again for the wonderful work you do for me! I love love love how you are so in tune with me and know exactly what’s for my highest good. I’m so glad I took the initiative to contact you because boy, do we ever cover a lot! Secondly, you just nailed on everything I have unconsciously been mulling over. Just going back in my journal, I saw how much I have transformed since I met you in August. I don’t even know who I was anymore. You are indeed a lighthouse! Thank you so much for the AMAZING clarity, the empowerment, your ‘sharp as a tack’; coaching skills and savvy business ideas that are so in alignment of who I am. YOU ARE THE BEST!!”


Award-winning, International Editorial Photographer, UK

“Allison’s job title should be called ‘Your Fairy God Mother’.

A session with Allison and BAM you’re instantly empowered in your life again.

God knows how she does it. But her coaching talents are like no other! It’s as if she’s known you … and your ‘issue at hand’ all your life… and or their life too. It’s as if she time travels through the subjects in question and intrinsically throws you an overall unbiased perspective of how things really are… from ALL perspectives and then lightbulbs beam!!! Somehow blocks are moved, and your mind back in control… and suddenly all the unaligned or missing jigsaw pieces of your life..line up. Seriously … I think she must have a wand! I can hear the twinkles.

If it’s wasn’t for Allison I’d have no father to walk me down the aisle … and I’d be doing that walk naked too;) In one of the most intensely emotional times of my life …aka 3 months to the wedding… Allison helped me off the emotional rollercoaster and into wedding bliss! 🙂

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for empowering me and showing me the wisdom

You’re an angel.”


Corrie Thorne

Spiritual Healer/Teacher & Life Coach, Canada

“I am honoured to write this testimonial. I will be forever in awe of how the universe aligns us with the people we are destined to meet. Allison Lund is honest and true to her word and beautifully gifted. These are the first words that come to mind.

With integrity that aligns with all, I genuinely believe necessary in our professions, as Life Coaches and Healers, Allison provides me with a safe place to share my work with confidence. Most importantly, she challenges me to remove my coaching hat, allowing me to become laser-focused on my goals and aspirations.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to see just how amazingly gifted and talented Allison truly is.

She is the true essence of a woman in her power, and I am honoured to have Allison as a soul
sister, confidant, Life/Business Coach, and now as an editor for my writings.

Trustworthiness, knowledgeable, compassionate, with true integrity and dedication, are top of
my list, and Allison has it all!

Oh yes, let’s not forget humour, as laughter is the best medicine.

Forever grateful!”


Ruby Bains

Clinical Counsellor, British Columbia, Canada

“I cannot begin to express my debt to this soul. Without her guidance I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Allison is someone who appears when you most need her. She is someone that does not get tired of what she does. Helping others can be draining yet I have witnessed her go above and beyond for me and her clients.

Allison is that person that Maya Angelou speaks about when she said, “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”.

Her work is incredible. She is a soul that has come to this earth to serve. I cannot begin to
express my love and gratitude towards this person. She has made ME happen. She has added
a wealth of beauty and knowledge that I would not have otherwise known.

Thank you for empowering my spirit, Allison”.

Sophia Wiebe


Hair Colourist
Vancouver, BC Canada

“Dearest Allison,

The fact that you came into my life at my very lowest point (with the back injury) and have me actually working through things for the first time in my life is no coincidence. I’ve never been able to get past a certain point with other therapists, but I’m really looking at myself now and facing things. I think right now is a very pivotal point for me in my life and my journey.

I can’t really even put into words how it feels to finally have all of these aspects considered during the treatment process. You teach me, remind me, reassure me, catch me, and hold me. It’s so so valuable. It feels like the greatest gift. I don’t know why it has such a profound effect, but it does, and I feel overcome with gratitude. I am so lucky to have found you. Every aspect of your personality/style seems to work perfectly with what I need. Thank you so much for being so patient as I stumble along, and thank you for making me feel safe enough, to be honest. There’s that inner part of me that becomes so critical and skeptical and controlling. It will probably keep coming up. But I’m glad I can express it and not have you get offended or take it personally. Being honest about it during our last session and letting out all of the emotion was really healthy for me. Thank you for letting me stumble along until I got back on my feet. Nobody has ever spent the amount of time with me working through these things in this way. It’s a new experience for me to express and then still be held. Thank you for being the angel that I needed. I’m overcome with emotion about all of it. I know I’ve expressed all of this before, but I just want you to know how deeply you are appreciated. And how valued you are. And how unique and special you are. Thank you.”


Anne Pirkkanen

Public Speaking Coach & Communication Specialist Barcelona, Spain

Watch Anne’s Video Testimonial below:

“I started working with Allison when I was ready to elevate my professional profile, up my game as a coach and needed support in this process. It had been a while since I had received 1-to-1 coaching myself.

After already a couple of sessions online, I could already see shift towards a more empowered me with a clearer vision. Allison was able to ask the right questions to unfold what was holding me back and at the same time shine light to where I was blind. In other words we started talking about my beliefs related with my finances and money story and it turned out I was still hurting in other areas of my life like family and health. So in this healing process as a sole trader, personal and business coaching goes hand in hand.

In our sessions, I truly feel listened to and I love Allison´s energy and vibe. I now feel I’m able to make quicker and clearer decisions related to my business. I get a lot out of our sessions for all areas of my life. She´s effective, organized and provides great exercises to do at home. Game changer!”


Alexandra Courtois

College Professor, USA

“Over the years, Allison has deployed many skills from her impressive arsenal to help me through various emotional and physical blocks. Our lively, funny, intense sessions always left me with greater clarity about life choices. However, it is in the quiet of another practice that she has helped me most recently.

Indeed, for a couple of weeks, Allison remotely worked on my chronic physical pain, stress-induced as well as caused by old injuries. The daily sessions resulted in a calming sense of well-being, and the ongoing treatment in increasingly diminishing pain. Thanks to her sustained Reiki intervention, I was able to fully enjoy a trip abroad, without being impeded by knee, back and neck pain during physical activities. I could not quite believe it.

Allison is an insightful, passionately committed, exceptionally trained practitioner, and I could not recommend her more highly.”


Mary Wilkerson

MCP, RCC, British Columbia, Canada

“I first met Allison Lund in 2009 as a massage therapist. At that time I already recognized her as a gentle healer. When I found out she was a Reiki Master I was curious to try it. I looked into it and discovered that it is used in hospitals and care homes all over the world. Having been in pain for quite some time I knew I had nothing to lose. After my first treatment I felt immediate relief. In fact with our time zone difference I remember feeling the relief in the middle of the night and remembering in the morning that it would have been the exact time that Allison was working on me. I was pleasantly surprised and delighted that I was able to reap the benefits and so quickly. Since then I have had a few more sessions and the effects have lasted weeks. On my recent vacation I was so pleased to be pain free and able to do all the activities I honestly thought I would have to give up such as hiking and pickle-ball.

I recommend Allison as a Reiki Master to anyone suffering with any kind of pain. I trust her implicitly and I know that you too will not be disappointed”.

Willow Brady
Personal Trainer, Scotland, UK
“I originally sought Allison’s help as a massage therapist in Scotland, as I was knotted from – what I had perceived as – sport induced muscular tension. Throughout our sessions, Allison proceeded to alleviate my strains with her combined expertise in soft tissue, breathing technique, aromatherapy and, possibly with ever greater effect, her extraordinary insight into the human psyche. Her broad perception of emotion and reason has equipped me with the necessary tools to make my own decisions, founded on a trust in my understanding of self as an individual. Allison has been an invisible hand on the shoulder through both physical and existential challenges; with the capacity to guide one into finding their own attainable picture of health, through patience and laughter.”
Kristen Harris
Nutritionist, California, USA
“Allison’s perceptive conversations have been a true blessing to my life. She offers a profound reassurance and a discerning ear. Talking with her, I always feel led back to my highest self and overall life path. Her insight has brought so much focus to my new business and has also shed light on unhealed family and relationship wounds. She offers clarity on limiting beliefs with solutions. I am forever grateful for Allison’s work.”


Kathryn Hudson

International Reiki Master Teacher, author, “Inviting Angels into your life”,

“I am proud to have certified Allison as a REIKI MASTER TEACHER, and so am pleased now to explain why…

In the context of her REIKI training, from the beginning, it was clear to me that REIKI gave her natural energy capacities a context to be accepted fully, cultivated and shared, simply, and with heart and intuition, which quite accurately defines how Allison works. As a student she was assiduous, determined, open and quick to pick up subtleties. The mix of heart and mind is a great advantage in a REIKI practitioner, and all the more so in a REIKI teacher.

As Yoda would say, “The Force is strong with this one!” I am delighted that Allison is bringing her whole self – heart and mind, body and soul – to share the Great Bright Light that is REIKI (our essential nature) into the world. Shine, Allison, SHINE!!”

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