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Working together long-term can mean the difference between, metaphorically healing a scrape on your leg that needs disinfectant and a band-aid,
verses proactively choosing to have virtual open heart surgery, to see and know, what is and isn’t flowing well for you. By “doing the work” we create the space needed for sustainable and long-lasting change that catapults you into the transformational path you’ve been dreaming about.

Step into courage. Let’s start here. It’s filled with possibilities.

Are you ready to find out?

Know that I’m ready to help you with newer and escalated challenges of our time and possible past traumatic events or memories that are adding to the stagnation you would like to shift and change in your life. 

By booking a package, we create a working container to address the many elements in life causing distress and stagnation.

Sometimes, distress-causing symptoms and stagnation are a result of trauma. Together we can discuss how to resolve or neutralize traumatic memories and event which might be inhibiting your strong sense of self and the confidence needed in navigating all of our natural emotions and life’s ups and downs.

Thus, I am also proud to offer:

Somatic trauma release

“Unaware that I had lingering PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) symptoms from an event that occurred years ago, I was surprised to feel and observe my body’s reactions throughout a more trauma-focused session. 

By the end of the session, I could talk about the event that happened years ago without the physical reactions and intense emotions I typically experienced the rare times I would tell that story.

Do you resonate with one or several of these thoughts or feelings?
  • Do you feel “Broken”
  • Anxiety
  • Feel generally, or consistently moody
  • Tired of putting on a mask so you start to withdrawal from people and life
  • Can’t figure out what’s wrong
  • Quick to overwhelm, quick to tears
  • You feel like you are the problem
  • A constant state of panic
  • Strange memory loss
  • Feel a lot of shame, guilt with little self-worth
  • Easily frightened
  • Hyper-vigilance
  • And/or other consistent difficult ways of being
What could cause traumatic symptoms?
  • A major incident in your life: a car accident, losing someone you love, an event that changed you
  • Hearing and/or seeing a traumatizing event like 9/11, or highly disturbing stories and photos on TV, or hearing a story that shook you to your core and changed the way you see, feel, and know life?
  • Have the same fears, worries, paranoia as one or both of your parents?
  • Perhaps, you’ve experienced several events, continuously, of an intense nature such as childhood abuse of any kind or have been in an abusive relationship, etc.
  • Maybe you are a friend or family member of a deployed soldier
  • Perhaps your life is highly stressful every day where it’s now a lifestyle that is causing pain and suffering. Yet no matter what you do, nothing seems to change the feelings and emotions within
Trauma Symptoms can include:
  • Re-occurring and upsetting memories, events, emotions that keep returning to your mind
  • Trouble behaving and/or functioning at work or at home
  • Nightmares and flashbacks
    Feeling fear or distressed by the thought of certain places and people
  • Struggling with healthy relationships and/or friendships
  • Severe and unrelenting fear, anxiety, depression?
  • Feelings of helplessness and/or emotional numbness?
You don’t have to be diagnosed with PTSD,
to have stored trauma in the body.

Once trauma is stored in the body, the symptoms can and/or could cause havoc for you
personally, professionally, emotionally, physically and mentally (and even spiritually).

Enduring Trauma, at any level, can have debilitating symptoms and side effects.

Let’s talk about how I can help you release the shackles of deep-seated emotional pain and suffering
caused by distressing events that have happened or are happening in your life. 

I welcome you to book a free discovery call to discuss your questions and concerns about the symptoms that are causing you distress and/or the traumas you would like to resolve.

Let’s talk about how I can help you.

You choose where you want to start!

Take advantage of my years of experience and expertise to help you step more boldly into the future
that you want to create, while working towards a consistent level of feeling and being.

Ready to have a discovery call to learn more and see if we are a good fit?

From there, we’ll discuss the best package that would suit you best!

I would be humbled and honoured to be part of your council as a confidant, advisor, coach, therapist, and sounding-board,
keeping your life vibrancy and vitality paramount.

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DISCLAIMER: Allison Lund is not a doctor or psychiatrist and the therapies or services mentioned throughout this website are not intended to replace medical treatment. Always consult a physician for any conditions or health issues you may be experiencing.