I’m glad to see you here!

how can i help?

Please email me through the contact form below.

Please allow up to 48 hours for all responses although we do our best to respond as promptly as possible. 

In the meantime, why not book a free-15-Minute Compatibility call or better yet, a one-off session!

I’m glad to see you here!

how can i help?

Please email me through the contact form below.

Please allow up to 48 hours for all responses although we do our best to respond as promptly as possible. 

In the meantime, why not book a free-15-Minute Compatibility call or better yet, a one-off session!

Frequently Asked Questions:

It’s true that not all coaches, therapists, and counsellors are meant for every client. That’s why I offer a complimentary compatibility call so you can ask questions and we can get a sense of how we might work together. Fill in the Contact Form, and/or follow this link to my online scheduler to book a compatibility call today.

A Personal Empowerment Coach is someone who can take you from places of stuckness and stagnation (* lower vibrating emotions*) to more lightness and clarity, where you feel more empowered and better able to make the best choices and
decisions for yourself, ultimately leading you to a more fulfilling life.

With thoughtfully designed tools and exercises, you and I will concentrate on your presenting emotions surrounding specific issues or concerns, which are blocking real and lasting change. I will take you on a journey to explore the genuine root causes of blockages to achieving healing in one or more areas of your life.

By recognizing and honouring your truth and journey in feeling healthier and happier, you will feel more empowered, embracing your true authentic self.

*Lower vibrating emotions such as shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, desire, anger, pride.

We will take a journey leading one or more areas of your life to higher levels such as Courage, Neutrality, Willingness, Acceptance, Reason, Love, Joy and Peace and even places of Enlightenment.

I welcome you to visit the Gentle Trauma Release Institute page here for more information. In the meantime, please watch this video outlining the method.

I welcome you to visit the International House of Reiki website here as they offer some great resources and information. I also encourage you to follow them on Facebook here as well!

The Personal Empowerment Coaching Certification was designed around the principles of Dr. David Hawkins and his team’s findings where they scientifically studied and proved our energetic emotional frequency using hospital testing equipment (such as x-ray machines etc). As a result, he was able to present these findings on, what he refers to as, the ‘Map of Consciousness”. This map also goes by the names of: Map of Empowerment and the Map of Emotion. When working with me, I’ll walk you through the Map and how it corresponds practically, as a means of learning and being able to use it as a tool in-between sessions. 

Check out Dr. David Hawkins’ book Power vs. Force for in-depth data and information

Using the Map of Consciousness as a base structure along with coaching interventions, psychotherapy techniques and working with the body as much as the mind, provides many tools to help facilitate change and growth for one’s personal Empowerment.

I use a variety of tools and techniques from my education, training, and work experience (and are not limited to):

  • Psychotherapy: Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy & Solution-focused strategies
  • Psycho-somatic based techniques
  • Honed Coaching skills & interventions, strategies to diagnosis emotional roadblocks
  • Gentle Trauma Release Method (see GTR section below)
  • And other healing modalities and techniques
Change is an INSIDE job. And the choice is yours. Empowerment coaching encourages change from the inside out for sustainable and long-lasting change. This can be different from the results-driven method found in traditional life coaching.

I do work with men however with any client, the most important factor is the coach-client compatibility and suitability factors. Please feel free to book a compatibility call here for more information.

I love working with Zoom which is a free and private application where we can converse by phone, audio and/or video conferencing. If and when needed, I can also share my screen with you and other little tricks.

It only takes a moment to download on to your computer or phone.

Of course you can! Zoom also allows free calls from the designated number that you’ll receive via email. 

I welcome you to use my online booking system here to schedule a session directly, and/or if you would like to chat with me first, you can book a free compatibility call so that I can answer your questions and we can see if we would be a good fit!

Of course you can, please use the contact form to email me and I’ll email you back at my earliest convenience.

That’s no problem! However, please see my policy below:

As long as you cancel 48-hours prior to your session, I will happily refund you the cost of the session or we can reschedule.

I am happy to re-schedule your session for emergency situations.

Excellent question! Why not take full advantage of your session time!

  • For the best results, I recommend reserving 15 minutes prior to your session to gather your thoughts and find a safe, quiet and private place, where you can speak freely, uninterrupted. Take a few deep breaths to feel better centred while setting an intention for a helpful and needed session.
  • Prepare yourself with a big glass of water with some lemon or a splash of juice for fun! Or a warm cup of coffee or tea
  • Although I can record your session upon request, have a pad of paper and a pen handy just in case you want to jot down any key points. Please avoid typing into your phone during the session as it can be distracting to see notifications etc
  • If you need to, tell everyone that you are not available for your 90-minute session. This is your time, you’ve invested in yourself to better your life – honour your time.
  • Please avoid checking your phone or other messages during the call, or doing the dishes to other little things. The best gift you can give yourself in session, is by being present with and for yourself.

[not applicable in Gentle Trauma Release packages]

I’ve thought a lot about the efficiency and quality I want to bring to clients in one session.

To put it simply, there is a vibe that works for me within a 90 – minute session that suits the kind of beneficial work that transpires in sessions longer than an hour. I also want to have clear expectations from the start and out of respect for our external time commitments.

Would you be willing to make an exception?

I understand. You only really want to book a 60-minute session. Time is precious and 1-hour models are popular for a reason.

I’m happy to discuss 60 – minute sessions when booking a package so that I can ensure the highest level of support that keeps you on the pathway to healing, transformation, and working towards a higher consistency of feeling and being.

Do you always use the full 90-minutes? Have you ever stopped short of total time paid?

Fortunately never! We are complex beings, with many layers. You’ll be glad we had the 90 minutes!

I have been where you are, many times in my life. I’m empathetic to the difficulty in choosing to help yourself grow and thrive in money-tight times. I don’t offer a sliding scale, however, please join my newsletter for updates about free resources, promotions, helpful information, and stay tuned for group sessions in the future at a modest rate.

If you are looking for free coaching sessions, please follow this link to the Simply Women Accredited Training website where you’ll be assigned a coach in training. You are welcome to 3 free coaching sessions! And pending availability, you can renew your interest again!

Here’s the link to sign-up: https://www.swatinstitute.com/#1562336473281

One of my clients called me “her virtual head office and HR manager”.

I work with women doing their entrepreneurial thang, changing the world with their strengths and gifts. Consider me a sounding board, laying and helping you re-enforce strong and healthy foundations and practices that help your inner world alongside your business world.

We discuss your thoughts and ideas, talking out the best strategies for products, services, and marketing. With a 20,000 foot view, this type of session can really be helpful when working alone!

I’m able to provide you with sound advice and ideas to help your business. The rest is up to you! Take what works for you and leave the rest!

I truly believe that when one person thrives, more can too.

Check out my testimonial page here for feedback from my clients.

I’m excited to share my new practice with the world from the comfort of your own home to wherever you will find me in the world. I’ll be your Nomadic Therapist for a while longer!

Geography knows no bounds when it comes to the efficacy and ease of supporting you through Video and Audio Conferencing. You’ll be amazed at how easy and appealing these modalities will work for you!

For Coaching and Strategizing Sessions:

For our first session, we can hop on video for an introduction then turn off the camera. Over time, you’ll feel and know the benefit of voice-only sessions. After working with women around the world, they too have discovered the comfort and efficiency that voice-only sessions can provide.

If you have any hearing difficulties, we can turn on the video should that be helpful. If you are adamant about preferring video sessions, what’s fine, we’ll turn on the camera and have our session face-to-face.

For all Gentle Trauma Release Sessions specifically, all sessions are over video as visual presence is important for your healing process.

1. Why is booking a package advantageous?

  • You have been who who have been for many, many years, constantly reinforcing your views, beliefs, and ways of behaving and acting in the privacy of your own home and how you show yourself to the world.
  • Creating and shifting aspects of yourself and your life are not solvable in one session, and having realistic expectations can set a reassuring and calming tone allowing your psyche to know and trust that you can feel and be safe exploring skeletons in the closet, the dust under the rug, and maybe the green monster you think is under your bed, metaphorically speaking of course!
  • It can take time to find and burst the belief systems and thoughts that are preventing forward motion, uncovering the layers of survival and the layers of life that have been blocking your ability to walk confidently in all areas of your life.
  • In a long-term format, we have the time, space, and safety to work together consistently, and where I also offer in-between session support for those SOS moments. These elements and more will help you in sustaining long-term changes and shifts

2. Consider this:

When our bodies need massage therapy, physiotherapy or chiropractic therapy due to an accident or long-term stress or chronic complaints, it’s important to get relief from someone who can work on the tension in the muscles, tendons, and ligaments while pushing your range of motion and flexibility. It then becomes your job to do the exercises and observe their recommendations between sessions for continuity of care. Otherwise, the healing journey can take much longer. After each session and a consistent home practice, gradually the layers of the metaphoric onion will peel back, safely getting to the core.

When we consider our mental and emotional health, the same applies. I’m here to help you metaphorically stretch your muscles, lessen the tension, and push your range of motion. It is then your job to care for yourself between sessions, by watching those thoughts, trying out new healthy boundaries, speaking your truth more, embarking on a self-directed-healing journey to reinforce the unearthing, the concepts and the ideas that transpired throughout the session. I’ll help you with different home-care suggestions to enrich and deepen the experience while remaining on stand-by for any SOS moments when working in a package for format.

Excellent question! Everyone is different but I offer short-term and long-term packages and depending on your needs, we’ll discuss the best number of sessions to start with!

The sessions happen as scheduled, without us connecting through technology.
However, once you receive your appointment confirmation which includes important details, you are of course welcome to set-up a 15 minute Reiki pre-session call to speak to me directly if you prefer. Click here to book.

You’ll also get an email reminder an 1-hour before your session so that you can make time to best prepare for your booked session.

  • The best way for you to receive Reiki is when you are in a safe, uninterrupted space, 5-10 minutes before the session starts.
  • Choose somewhere comfortable and warm, to just be. It is easier laying down for the treatment, although it’s not required. If you like, this is also a good time to set an intention for yourself.
  • For your session, I personally feel it’s best to be in a quiet space, and/or have gentle music playing. Avoid using and being near your phone and/or electronics throughout as they can be a distraction.
  • If you fall asleep, don’t worry about it! There is nothing for you to do during the session other than receive.
  • Once the session has ended, I’ll send you a follow-up email you can read at your leisure (not urgent) to share extra follow-up care and tips for the days ahead.
  • Continue to rest, relax, sleep, and/or just be as long as you can and/or do what ever brings you joy.
  • It’s important to drink a tall glass of water after the session for a few reasons.
  • Do your best to ease back into your day as slowly as you can to allow the experience to extend and for the relaxation to continue if you wish
Ready to book a session for any of my offerings?

Thank you for visiting my website

Thank you for visiting my website!

I look forward to working with you!

DISCLAIMER: Allison Lund is not a doctor or psychiatrist and the therapies or services mentioned throughout this website are not intended to replace medical treatment. Always consult a physician for any conditions or health issues you may be experiencing.