Where Storm meets Dream

Life surprises and hiccups, whether small or big, can cause more than one ripple in one’s life. And as painful as it can be to go through hard times, they are unavoidable. The real test is in how we weather those storms. 

Let me share a story about how a recent ‘storm’ collided with a dream of mine.

Firstly, I have been living in the UK and Europe these past six years. Since hopping, skipping and jumping across Canada and the Atlantic, I’ve been living in Paris and Edinburgh mostly. Throughout this time, (and even as I write to you today), I’ve been pet-house-sitting internationally, as well as travelling, and dancing with colourful life experiences and life lessons dips in between!  

Living nomadically, (something I thought I would never do), I’ve come to appreciate the response “I don’t know” on quite another level. Because ultimately, what I know for sure? Things have happened that I never dreamed would happen, and things I never thought would happen, did.

What I do know is that I’ve been “the go-to girl” (nicknamed at a conference over 10 years ago) for as long as I can remember. I’ve been the person that people have come to for solace, support, advice and guidance.

In my “About Me” section on my website, I share a little about my first recollection at 10 years old when a classmate called me for support during a difficult time in her life.

I’ve been who I’ve been for quite some time, with the same modus operandi for decades, so what catalyzed my most recent life transition?

A severe illness literally stopped me in my tracks November 2018 that shifted the trajectory of my life indefinitely. I was knocked off my feet and was in bed for well over 3 months. I could barely breathe, walk, stand or function, not to mention, look at a computer or phone. Apparently, I had ingested a pathogen while travelling that was wreaking havoc on my organs. The western Medical community claimed they couldn’t help. So, I leaned on my ‘team’ (holistic practitioners, and close friends) for over a year while battling the pathogen. I cannot state loud enough, from the soapbox I’m standing on when I say that having the right team of people around you. Always.

It was so strange to be going through this after just moving back to Paris, after having lived in Scotland for a while. It was a supremely depressing time, but I was fortunate that my new roommate at that time was able to offer me some assistance.

Nevertheless, I somehow managed to go to a few interviews and was eventually offered a full-time job, but I was too sick for the daily grind and bravely turned it down knowing my body would be taxed during this healing period. So, I decided to find freelance work opportunities and complete a very in-depth coaching program online. Fast forward to just after graduating from the coaching program, I was invited to learn a Gentle Trauma Release Method I currently use in my coaching practice. Fast forward a few months more, I then completed my Reiki Master training. 2019 also included incredible conferences and workshops in Brussels, London and Vancouver.

For various reasons and inner calls-to-action, I decided to temporarily return to pet-house-sitting in the UK last summer, and continue to lug my belongings with me to each sit. I’m currently caring for quite the cool cat in England.

All to say that, life is and can be unpredictable, and all the while, life is happening on a micro and macrocosmic level that can’t always be explained. Like I mentioned earlier, I couldn’t have done, nor could I do what I do without my counsel, those that I’ve chosen to be at my table, especially since embarking on this journey. I thank them regularly!

Since the beginning of 2014 and still to this day, the immense ups and downs in life, and the need to surf the high waves and dodge the curveballs continues!

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this extra glimpse into my life journey.

And I’m thrilled to welcome you here where we can share our stories and walk a while together.

Yours Sincerely,

xx Allison

The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek your physician’s advice or other qualified health providers with any questions regarding a medical condition.

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