Are you feeling tired and weary? Include these five self-check-in ideas.

Here we are, beginning of September 2021. I know what you are thinking…
How is it September already?

In the advanced training course I’m currently taking, the 600+ therapists, counsellors, and coaches chimed in on the group chat about how they are all feeling today.
And for the record, you can feel more than one way. But the consensus was that the majority were ‘Tired,’ ‘Exhausted,’ ‘Deflated,’ and so forth. Tiredness seems to be a daily occurrence for many.

Does anyone else feel this way?
Some of the time?
All of the time?

And sometimes it’s hard to shake the tired when responsibilities and to-dos beckon.

I get it. Life is a lot. The world is a lot.

How are you holding up?

Although I am a coffee-lover, I know that it doesn’t solve all problems, although I wish sometimes it would!

So how does one self-honour when so tired and ‘life’ is unrelenting?

I want to share some generalized categories to consider when tiredness, weariness, and overwhelm settle in in this blog. By taking these reflective moments, you can create potential mental and emotional space, pockets of calm, a little rejuvenation, re-alignment and so forth.

Here are my five self-check-in categories to consider throughout the day:

Have you opened your windows to take in a little outside air (pending air quality, of course), allowing the light to come in? What do you observe about your surroundings?
Suggestion: Allow even 60 seconds to pass to be in the moment. ‘Be’ in the space without doing for a minute or two.

Are you getting some good proteins, fats, carbs + fruits and veggies? Hydration?
Pick something that will give you some yummy nutrients, and look forward to it!
Suggestion: What snack or meal today might help give you a lift?

Have you moved your body today atop the usual steps?
How about a carefree, living room dance party or modern interpretive dance?
Are you not feeling inspired? How about some gentle stretching?
Suggestion: If at work, google some stretches to do at your desk or go for a little walk or do some earthing on the ground. Click here for more information about earthing.

Have you carved out a little time out for stillness? Just observing the environment around you? Maybe you are sipping some water or tea – being present in this moment of self-created calm.
Suggestion: Find a comfortable spot and bring your awareness to the present moment.
Wiggle your toes, observe what is in front of you (colour, texture, size, etc.), hold on to an object like a stone, favourite mug, and notice the sensations.
Speak out loud if helpful.
Overall: Rest, unplug, rest.

What if you placed your hand on your heart and your belly? How does that feel?
Are you taking some deep breaths throughout the day? Set those timers if it’d help.
The benefits of conscious, intentional breath-work have so many benefits.
Suggestion: Find little pockets of time for this significant health benefit.

How might these five (5) self-check-in prompts be helpful for you in your life?

When we tell ourselves the truth about what’s going on and allow for some space and grace within ourselves for processing and healing, we have the potential to have more energy to use, give, and even receive.

I hope you’ll consider adding some check-ins throughout your day!

I would love to hear from you! Feel free to reply to this blog!

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With so much love and support,

xx Allison

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