September Check-In

I don’t know about you, but there’s something about September that brings a sensation of renewal and new beginnings. Perhaps it’s my internalized clock remembering school years gone. But no matter how many years pass, the energy is palpable. Summertime is slowly wrapping up in the northern hemisphere.

I’m partial to Autumn, no offence summer. Still, I’m ready for cozy warmth by choice, culinary spices to tickle my nose and crisp air that reddens my nose and deepens the rosy in my cheeks—the return of warm blankets and sweaters, beverages and fireplaces.

Aside from my genuine enthusiasm for Fall foliage and seeing my breath in the air, I believe the energy around this time of year invites us to do a little audit on how we expend our inner energy and allocate our internal power resources daily. The Equinox helps welcome a seasonal shift, and it seems fitting to do a check-in to honour the changes within.

Here’s a little September check-in to consider:

What are you doing to help support your nervous system regularly? Especially since it plays such a significant role in our Immune System, which we need to keep strong. (Check out my blog here for more details)

How’s your environment? Are interpersonal relationships causing chronic stress? Is your home healthy? (Filters changed, mould checks, fireplace cleaned etc.?)

What kind of movement are you most content or excited about? Has it been, or is it sustainable? Do you allow for flexibility of choice?

Are you allocating time to fill your metaphoric cup with something creative, restful or rejuvenating, replenishing?

Are you aware of Who or What is holding court in your psyche and body for large portions of your awake time? Or little energy leaks that are adding up? Is any tweaking needed?

How is your unique energy bandwidth doing in relation to the world and people around you?

How do you replenish your inner resources?

Are there any adjustments you would make? What are you noticing about how your spend or use the space, time and energy available?

Could little adjustments be made? Leave overwhelm at the door, and I welcome you to pick one micro-adjustment that makes you feel even 5% lighter daily. What could that be?

  Ensure that whatever you choose is gentle, compassionate, honouring, safe and reasonable for you, and generally, a friendly step.

I am sending you high-quality, high vibes wherever you are.

Take excellent care of yourself.

xx Allison

The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek your physician’s advice or other qualified health providers with any questions regarding a medical condition.

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