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I took myself out on a date in Rome without knowing it

It wasn’t planned. It wasn’t an unfulfilled desire to make my life, even for a day, seem like a couple of pages out of the super famous book, ‘Eat Pray Love’ by Elizabeth Gilbert. But at the end of the day, I had taken myself out on a proper solo date and it was romantic

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Summer Dog-Sitting in Oslo

Since January 2018, I have been pet-house-sitting in the UK, USA, Canada and during the month of July and the first week of August, I was also in Oslo, Norway taking care of two Greek dogs! Expecting a cooler summer experience in the North as a refreshing interlude to what I thought was going to

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Scottish Isles: Iona, Skye, and Raasay

Dates travelled: May and August 2017 Dedicated to: my Dad, the forever traveler. Isle of Iona: May 2017 Clearly this little get-away to the Isle of Iona is about the journey and the destination. Departing from Edinburgh, it takes two trains, two ferries, one bus (all very closely synchronized), a little car ride and about seven

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The Rocky Rugged Beauty of the Highlands in Scotland – Part One

Eilean Donan, Loch Ness, and the North West Highlands two-day adventure with Timberbush tours, with driver ‘Marty’, our charming, Scottish, kilt-wearing guide, was a blast. I fell in love with Marty’s voice, delivery and Scottish accent immediately. He wove stories of history, myths and legends and I could have listened for days. He had us laughing and

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Edinburgh, Scotland birthday trip!

The ominous sky was a promising start. Delving right into tourist mode, I started in New Town and wove between the streets before finding at a vegetarian/vegan piano bar for a quick bite to eat. I sat on the “lonely singles side” of the restaurant (it was a scene out of a sitcom I promise

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From Napoli to Capri!

Destination: Capri (and Anacapri!) Boat Departure time to Capri: 7:00 am (45 minute ride) Traveling partner: My cousin Giovanna Allotted time on the island: 1 full day Mission: To be engulfed in beauty Boat Departure time back to Naples: 5:00 pm Off we go! We took the 7:00 am ferry so that we could take

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London: more upclose and personal

After all my numerous claims to “London”, recorded via Heathrow airport, a 36-hour trip to London last December allowed me to live out several of my cliché dreams. My recent trip to LONDON was delightfully different, musically filled and bookstore centered! My first quick trip to London was in December 2014. It included: drinking 2-litres of

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Meeting my Finnish Family for the First Time

I had emailed my cousin in Finland a few years ago out of the blue to introduce myself but to also ask a favour for a friend who was moving to Helsinki. In our brief dialogue years ago, he offered a generous invitation to come meet him and his family in Vaasa, Finland. I’m so

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Milano and Me, the Expo and City Experience

The World Expo was in Vancouver, BC Canada in 1986 and I distinctly remember seeing this movie called:  “Rainbow War”.  I begged my parents to see it numerous times. I’m pretty sure I drove them crazy! It is a beautiful story about peace, and I remember its message vividly even at the young age of

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Santiago to Finisterre – a short (yet challenging) Camino experience.

The flights to Santiago were quick and painless arriving just before dark. After an almost sleepless night due to ‘party people’ celebrating a Wednesday, I got my first camino stamp. This was to legitimize my pilgrim status. After doubting every turn while trying to find the path, I eventually arrived at a Camino sign with an

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Expat (living in Paris) traveling around

Welcome to new blog post #8! Quick announcement! Please join me on my new Facebook page called: Allison Lund – writer and leisure traveler. I’ve had the idea for quite some time to go public, and today was the day to jump in the new social media pool! I want to share my journey, words

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Fontainebleau and Parisian Shows

A few weeks ago, I spent, not one but two weekends in Fontainebleau. I was fortunate to receive an invitation by relatives of my French Family to get better acquainted with their area. I’ve always wanted to see the forest and the chateau, but being hosted brought my adventure to a whole other level! Allow

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Wedding, Special moments and Paris

I was recently in Germany for a friend’s wedding. The day of the wedding I arrived early to the beach where the intimate ceremony would take place within the hour. I had time to soak in the beauty, as well as journal and take a few photographs. There were many people around enjoying the day

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“French Family” Reunion, Flute playing and good Fun

Blog #5 Last weekend, I visited my French Family after 15 years. I was a fille-au-pair for a family of 5 that soon became 6 from January 1999 – August 1999. Granted, 5 out of the 6, visited me in Canada a few years ago, but the visit back to growing children – young adults

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Paris Exploration 10, Part 1

Blog #4 is finally here. I was inspired to write this morning about visiting Paris, presented in a different style than my first posts. I hope you like it! I’ve discovered that: When you order un café from just about anywhere, more often than not, when you ask for a (free) verre d’eau (glass of

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Journeying and adventuring continues (à Paris)!

Welcome to Blog #3… This blog is focused on the happenings of my declared ‘birthday week’ as a new ex-pat in Paris. What happened, you ask? I took a Patisserie class, went to the Opera, visited the Eiffel Tower, attended a night of classical music, went to a Yin yoga workshop, was offered a fantastic

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Bonjour Paris! The new chapter begins

April 6, 2014 I’m in the basement of a popular Starbucks location here near the Metro St. Paul, in Paris. Yes, it took a month before I did the North American ‘thang’ and visited the familiar. I have to say that I missed, juste un petit, the consistent marketing, the familiarity and the peace in

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