Where Storm meets Dream

Life surprises and hiccups, whether small or big, can cause more than one ripple in one’s life. And as painful as it can be to go through hard times, they are unavoidable. The real test is in how we weather those storms.  Let me share a story about how a recent ‘storm’ collided with a

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Two months since losing Dad

When I write anything I publish, I like to envision us in a boat, on a smooth luscious river where it’s velvety and steady, or seated together where I’m using decadent thick paint to tell a story in multiple colours, affecting textures across a canvas. But today, my quill is pointed and the ink is

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Meeting my Finnish Family for the First Time

I had emailed my cousin in Finland a few years ago out of the blue to introduce myself but to also ask a favour for a friend who was moving to Helsinki. In our brief dialogue years ago, he offered a generous invitation to come meet him and his family in Vaasa, Finland. I’m so

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Loss, Contemplation and Choices

Sunday I learned of the passing of ‘Uncle Hermann’. Growing up, I remember him at family gatherings, spontaneously spouting out these amazing chirping/whistling sounds to make a child smile or laugh (or to surprise adults!). I had the pleasure of dining with him last year and witnessing this strong urge to help an upset child

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