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Coping with Covid

Coping with Covid

With COVID numbers climbing globally, patience continues to beckon intensely. Nine months in with many forced life transitions and uncertainty under our belts, with more adjustments coming, managing our stress, expectations, desires, and wants can suffer. Although there is hope on the horizon, anyone else feeling scared, exhausted, tired, and/or weary? How are you coping? 

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So, about this rush back to normal…

“In the rush to return to normal, use this time to work which parts of normal are worth rushing back to,” said Dave Hollis. Mar 29, 2020 For our intents and purposes, here are my big questions for you to consider. How did you normally use, give away, or spend (consciously or unconsciously) your time,

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Wedding, Special moments and Paris

I was recently in Germany for a friend’s wedding. The day of the wedding I arrived early to the beach where the intimate ceremony would take place within the hour. I had time to soak in the beauty, as well as journal and take a few photographs. There were many people around enjoying the day

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“French Family” Reunion, Flute playing and good Fun

Blog #5 Last weekend, I visited my French Family after 15 years. I was a fille-au-pair for a family of 5 that soon became 6 from January 1999 – August 1999. Granted, 5 out of the 6, visited me in Canada a few years ago, but the visit back to growing children – young adults

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